Jan Hazelton Artist Sculpting Painting
Artist Jan Hazelton

Artist’s  Statement – “Art is making what you see inside real on the outside” excerpt from Jan Featured in a One Hour Film with Ken Salzstine“Explorations in Creativity” *SFSU Film Award 1973

For me art is an outward expression of my inner world, evolving visionary reality into artistic reality. The most exciting part of the process happens when I get into the zone of creativity, that magical state of mind when I become so involved and present with the process that a sense of inner-connectedness takes over. Then the adventure begins.

A few years ago I resurrected my life-long fascination with the cultural treasures of ancient Egypt.  As a sculptor and painter, I do my best to in-view each piece with my concept of the meaning inherent in ancient tradition. My sense of deep inter-connectedness with ancient Egypt knows no time or distance. As I progress in my artistic education, each new project enhances my developmental experience and introduces me to worlds of new ideas, concepts and understandings that grace every area of my life.  It is my hope that the wings will speak to you personally and offer a spark of interest in a long ago culture that continues to silently speak to artists, scientists, archeologists and historians throughout the world.Jan Hazelton

Pencil Drawing by Jan Hazelton

JArtist Biographyan Hazelton’s work soars – literally. Her longstanding fascination with all things Egyptian inspires her ‘Winged Disc’ series of hydrostone sculptures, each incorporating ancient symbolism. The passion for sculpture first developed after she spent a year at the Oakland Art Institute and received a scholarship from a local hospital to study medical illustration at U.C. Berkeley. Illustrations of the human anatomy sparked an interest in three dimensional representations. She originally began sculpting in soapstone and is now working primarily in painted hydrostone wall sculpture as well as reproducing her original canvas paintings as archival-quality giclée prints.

Whether working in sculpture or creating paintings for giclée prints, Hazelton approaches each piece with the idea that it is wonderfully suited to a person who will eventually take it home, resulting in unique creations every time. Her work has appeared in galleries throughout California and Washington State, including The Nature Company in Berkeley, The Don Conard Gallery in Ghiradelli Square, San Francisco, The Ragged Sailor in Tibouron, The Dream Place-Olympia, and Misty Mountain Gallery in Arizona. She was featured in the award-winning documentary Explorations in Creativity by filmmaker Ken Salzstine. – Jan Hazelton

The Winged Disc is a symbol of freedom and represents Ra, the ruler of the sun and sky. Each wall sculpture is beautifully hand painted and signed by the artist . The colors are softer and more lustrous than can be seen over your computer.  Hazelton Art Works Ancient Symbol Wall Sculptures will always lift your spirits and be admired for their beauty and provide charm, elegance and interest to any room in your home.  Thay are individually cast in hydrostone.  Each is a unique artwork and no two are exactly alike. Jan Hazelton

The Winged Disc Series is currently the featured art.

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