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Thank you for sharing your creativity with “Art Lessons That Rock.” I enjoy your posts so much. 😀 Best wishes on the new website and all your future creations of beautiful sculptures..


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I am very happy with the winged disc. Beautiful work.


The beautiful wings, stars, suns and much more, give my home the final touch of timeless, exclusive bauty I can enjoy every day..😍
I hope that many people have as much joy with your extraordinay, exceptional artwork as I have..❤️
I also love your Art lessons..


I wonder if Jan Hazelton is the artist that I knew at a hospital in Berkeley Ca and did a sculpture for me of a mother holding a baby?
If so comments on its beauty continue. Carl Watson M.D.

Carl Watson M.D. Obstetrics

Serine and beautiful on the wings of the wind


The wings look beautiful in my home and I will treasure them always.
Thank you

Dr. Preston

I have always cherished dolphins jumping from the waves. The sculpture is absolutely stunning


The sculpture of the pituitary gland really makes my waiting room interesting!
Great work.
Thank you


I am impressed! Your work changed my day, motivated me! I wish you Inspiration so that what you do to inspire me, us…the world! THANK YOU!