Poetry and Imagination - Nautilus Shell in Pen and Ink
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Lesson # 10 Poetry and Imagination

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The Poetry and imagination within us speaks from a place within that we hold as extraordinary and symbolic.  It expresses the dance of life and our relation to it.  Well,  I never knew how beautiful a shell could be until I began to draw it in pen and ink.  In class we were asked to use several different styles available to the process.  I chose to use the six in the drawing below.  The exercise seemed simple enough at first.  Just draw a shell using pen and ink.  As I began to draw the life of the shell began to speak to me.  It held the patterns of an eternity and yet it was absolutely unique.  The pattern of the Golden Mean made curves and turns that captured my attention in a most unusual way.  The shell began to dance in my mind and we became “friends”.  It was poetry in motion.  So I suggest that if you sit quietly and begin to focus your attention on nature, the dance of life may just begin to fill you with the poetry in motion. Enjoy!

“Poetry is lofty thought or impassioned feeling expressed in imaginative words”


Pen and Ink Sea Shells

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