Sculpture of Ancient Wisdom by Jan Hazelton
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Lesson #11 Ancient Wisdom Sculpture

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Sculpture of Ancient Wisdom by Jan HazeltonAncient Wisdom is a sculpture that I created in 1988. The night sky, bejeweled with stars, inspired me.

I had this idea and really, really wanted to make the sculpture.  So, I first made her in clay.  It took every last penny to my name to have her cast in bronze.  I just knew it would be fine to spend the money and have her cast.  Every thing turned out to perfection.  It’s a long story but she was sold within two weeks and I had enough left to have a second sculpture cast in bronze.  That’s what happens when we follow our knowingness.  I love this piece and am so happy that I listened to my inner voice that said, “Go for it”.  I am forever grateful for the inspiration I felt to create this piece.

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