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Lesson #4 – Dream – Garden – Art

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Grow DreamGrow your dream! I imagine that my thoughts are like a beautiful flower. First the seed is planted watered and nurtured. Before long roots begin to take hold in the soil and green shoots pop up in the sunlight. Everyday I water my little plant and watch it as it grows.  I notice new leaves and the buds begin to form. One day I awaken to find that the seed has grown into a magnificent plant.  It’s all dressed up with flowers and the aroma is intoxicating. I’m in absolute joy.
Everyday I tend to my drawing and lend to my growth. One day I awake and my dreams have grown and blossomed. The roots are strong and deep. Thelesson is to never give up. Just love your dream, stay with it, and one day you will be in full bloom. Remember that every drawing begins with one single dot. It is like the seed and from that starting point, you can create anything!

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