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Lesson #5 – Sculpting Unexpected Adventure

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I love sculpting. When I began sculpting, dolphins absorbed my attention and I studied everything I could about them. I watched movies, read books, drew pictures and of course sculpted dolphins jumping in the water. It became an obsession with me. Then one night the unexpected happened. I had a dream and in the dream I WAS a dolphin, swimming in the ocean and jumping and diving. It was as real as my everyday life. I will never forget it.  I know now that there were several key elements to my experience.  My focus on dolphins was a daily, avid interest.  I was asleep and my mind was clear of the usual internal chatter and I was open to new understandings.
Now how cool is that!
I suggest that if your attention is intent on any one subject, the unexpected can happen. I will never forget the experience and suggest that something unexpected can happen for each and everyone of us.  Hold your dreams close to your heart and life will respond in the most amazing ways.

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