Winged Disc- Green, Gold and Pearl


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Green, Gold, Pearl Winged Disc by Hazelton Art WorksThe Winged Disc, a symbol for Ra which is thought to mean “creative power”, and as a proper name “Creator”. Each wall sculpture is beautifully hand painted by the artists in metallic gold, and  greens and signed.  The colors are softer and more lustrous than can be seen over your computer.  Hazelton Art Works Ancient Symbol Wall Sculptures will always lift your spirits and be admired for their beauty and provide charm, elegance and be of  interest to any room in your home.  Thay are individually cast in hydrostone.  Each is a unique artwork and no two are exactly alike.  

Winged Disc by Hazelton Art Works

Hydrostone 22″W x 6″H x 3/8″D (approx.)

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