Sculpture of Ancient Wisdom by Jan Hazelton

Lesson #11 Ancient Wisdom Sculpture

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Sculpture of Ancient Wisdom by Jan HazeltonAncient Wisdom is a sculpture that I created in 1988. The night sky, bejeweled with stars, inspired me.

I had this idea and really, really wanted to make the sculpture.  So, I first made her in clay.  It took every last penny to my name to have her cast in bronze.  I just knew it would be fine to spend the money and have her cast.  Every thing turned out to perfection.  It’s a long story but she was sold within two weeks and I had enough left to have a second sculpture cast in bronze.  That’s what happens when we follow our knowingness.  I love this piece and am so happy that I listened to my inner voice that said, “Go for it”.  I am forever grateful for the inspiration I felt to create this piece.

Tara Bodhisattva of Compassion

Lesson #8 Tara

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Tara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion

The Phoenix is a sign of change, rebirth and new beginnings.  Well, I certainly experienced that when my sculpture of Tara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, long life, healing and serenity, just fell apart before my eyes.  Wow!  I had worked on her late into the wee hours of the morning for days and there she was, lying in pieces.  I have to admit  that I had never done clay sculpture before and didn’t know the basics of preparing a piece for firing.  Especially a three foot high, dense, and heavy piece.  So, I would suggest that when working on a new medium, get help if you need to.  On the other hand, my life completely changed after Tara fell apart.

Yes, it was for the better.  Everything began to shift and change like sand beneath my feet.  I am ever so grateful and even though it seemed like a mistake at the time, I can now see that the falling apart, meant that I would come together again.  All new and excited about the change.  So if you think you’ve made a mistake or goofed something up just know that sometimes it is just a sign of new horizons to come.

Enjoy the journey!

Jan Hazelton Artist Sculpting Painting

Lesson #5 – Sculpting Unexpected Adventure

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I love sculpting. When I began sculpting, dolphins absorbed my attention and I studied everything I could about them. I watched movies, read books, drew pictures and of course sculpted dolphins jumping in the water. It became an obsession with me. Then one night the unexpected happened. I had a dream and in the dream I WAS a dolphin, swimming in the ocean and jumping and diving. It was as real as my everyday life. I will never forget it.  I know now that there were several key elements to my experience.  My focus on dolphins was a daily, avid interest.  I was asleep and my mind was clear of the usual internal chatter and I was open to new understandings.
Now how cool is that!
I suggest that if your attention is intent on any one subject, the unexpected can happen. I will never forget the experience and suggest that something unexpected can happen for each and everyone of us.  Hold your dreams close to your heart and life will respond in the most amazing ways.

Grow Dream

Lesson #4 – Dream – Garden – Art

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Grow DreamGrow your dream! I imagine that my thoughts are like a beautiful flower. First the seed is planted watered and nurtured. Before long roots begin to take hold in the soil and green shoots pop up in the sunlight. Everyday I water my little plant and watch it as it grows.  I notice new leaves and the buds begin to form. One day I awaken to find that the seed has grown into a magnificent plant.  It’s all dressed up with flowers and the aroma is intoxicating. I’m in absolute joy.
Everyday I tend to my drawing and lend to my growth. One day I awake and my dreams have grown and blossomed. The roots are strong and deep. Thelesson is to never give up. Just love your dream, stay with it, and one day you will be in full bloom. Remember that every drawing begins with one single dot. It is like the seed and from that starting point, you can create anything!

Zen Seeing by Frederick Franck

Lesson #3 – Zen Seeing – Quiet Eye

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Zen of SeeingZen Seeing by Frederick Franck taught me to sit quietly and focus on one thing. I chose to sit outside and explore a blade of grass, a leaf or a blossom. Of course, you can choose whatever you wish. In those moments I began to become ONE with the smallest of life’s miracles. I began to realize that all of life is connected. It was as if the object of my focus spoke to me and I spoke back. Sometimes it took a while to quiet down but when it happened all the cares and worries in life faded away like an ebbing tide. In those moments of peace I began to draw while keeping my focus on the blossom. Again, it didn’t matter how wonderful the drawing looked. What mattered was my connection to it and my connection with my mind and my hand. It was worth every moment!

Experiment in Seeing by Jan Hazelton

Lesson #2 – Experiment – Draw with Eyes Closed

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Experiment in Seeing by Jan HazeltonTry this experiment! Eyes Open or Eyes Closed You can draw. Yes, let’s just try it for fun.  Imagine a picture in your mind and draw it with your eyes closed. In your mind’s eye,allow yourself to see your image in detail. It really doesn’t matter how great the drawing turns out. What matters is that you are making a mind-hand connection in your brain. Well, no promises here but why not give it a try for five orten minutes a day for a couple of weeks. Only wonderful can happen.  We practiced this in an art class I took and I was amazed at how much detail I missed.  Within a few weeks I was seeing much more detail in my minds eye.

Art Lesson fuchsia Pen and Ink by Jan Hazelton

Lesson #1 – Art Lesson – Being Different

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